Maryland Criminal Lawyers

Criminal Law

Criminal law deals with offences against the public order and is not concerned with disputes between individuals. The federal, state and city governments define the laws and prosecute those individuals who have committed crimes that may range from simple traffic violations to violent crimes such as murder and rape. Lawyers representing the government are called prosecutors, and the lawyers who represent those accused of a crime, the defendants, are a specialized group of professionals known as criminal attorneys or criminal defense lawyers. Each state’s penal code defines what constitutes a particular crime and details the penalties that a conviction can bring. More serious crimes are categorized as felonies and less serious crimes are called misdemeanors. A person who is charged with a crime, felony or misdemeanor, needs an experienced Maryland criminal lawyer to represent him in order to protect his legal rights.

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Some examples of crimes that may be considered as misdemeanors include:

  • Petty Theft
  • DUI Offense
  • Prostitution
  • Simple Assault
  • Vandalism
  • Public Intoxication

Criminal Law

A misdemeanor is generally defined as a less serious crime and brings a punishment of a fine or incarceration of a year or less. Unlike those found guilty of a felony, a person convicted of a misdemeanor may retain his right to vote and serve on a jury. Criminal conduct determines the severity of a crime. An assault that might have been considered a misdemeanor can easily become a more serious felony if an injury is involved. Although punishment accompanying a misdemeanor is less severe than a felony the disruption to a person’s life from a conviction is still very real. There are a complex set of procedures that must be followed by all parties involved in the criminal system in order to produce a fair result. A Maryland resident who finds himself accused of a crime needs expert representation by an experienced criminal attorney with knowledge of these procedures to help protect his rights and minimize the stress that can accompany these proceedings.

Accusations of a crime do not mean guilt. The state must prove that the person accused of the crime committed the offense. The intricate nature of the laws and procedures involved in a criminal proceeding may sometimes result in the wrong outcome. Even when a defendant is innocent the chance of a conviction is always a possibility. To help avoid such an occurrence, a person who is facing the justice system needs an experienced lawyer to effectively represent him against this possibility. No matter how minor the charges and possible penalties accompanying a misdemeanor, a Maryland resident faced with a criminal allegation needs experienced Maryland Criminal Lawyers that will fight to make sure his rights are protected.

When Should You Hire A Professional Lawyer?

Hire A Professional Lawyer


At times you are caught live with loophole to escape from that mess. You even ask yourself how you are going to be out of that particular situation. Just make sure that you identify a lawyer who is experienced in that particular field. Lawyers can use the law to twist everything legally and you become innocent.


You have been offended by a person and you feel like you should take action against him or her but he is a high profile person that you cannot reach. The lawyer is the one that is going to start the whole process and identify all the evidence for you to get straight victory. If you don’t have a lawyer, prosecutors could be so harsh and sometimes they even act like they are gods to harass. But when your lawyer is there, everything is going to be smooth.


This like hospital malpractice or neglecting patients have caused so many deaths because many people don’t recognize them. But do you know there are lawyers who can find out all the mistakes that are dome in hospitals and provide the best legal justifications that such acts are wrong? When you are in such a scenario, where you have landed into a mess that you think it is because of someone’s fault, you need to hire a lawyer.

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