Maryland Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Medical Malpractice law

Medical Malpractice occurs when a physician fails to properly treat a medical condition, resulting in a new or aggravating injury to the patient. Medical malpractice claims may arise when a physician acts in a manner that would be considered unacceptable when compared to how another physician with similar training might act. Our experienced Maryland medical malpractice lawyers can help determine if you have a case against a medical professional that you can take to court.

Have you or someone you know suffered injured due to the negligent hands of a medical professional? Our lawyers can help! Contact our Maryland Medical Malpractice Lawyers today!

Many people don’t realize that doctors aren’t the only medical professionals whom patients can sue for malpractice. In fact, most health care providers including chiropractors, therapists, nurses, psychologists and dentists are subject to such legal action. By the same token, an unanticipated or unsuccessful result from medical treatment or surgery does not in itself mean that you can bring a malpractice case.

Common examples of medical malpractice claims include:

  • Failure to properly diagnose a disease or illness
  • Failure to properly monitor patients
  • Failure to properly treat the diagnosed disease
  • Surgical errors including wrong-site surgery or anesthesia errors
  • Failure to fully inform the patient of the risks of certain procedures and surgeries
  • Prescription drugs errors
  • Improper use of medical equipment or implants

Of course, this is just a sampling of some of the more common examples of medical malpractice claims. The array of complications and problems that can arise as a result of medical malpractice are far too complex and detailed to address each instance in detail.

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If you think you or a loved one has been injured or killed due to medical malpractice, it’s in your best interest to contact an experienced Maryland medical malpractice lawyer as quickly as possible. If you wait too long before speaking to an attorney, the statute of limitations may keep you from pursuing legal action.

Medical Malpractice law

On your initial visit, our medical malpractice lawyers will review your claims, along with your records and consult with a medical expert to determine if yours is a case of medical malpractice.

Victims of medical malpractice can sue for the injuries incurred and all direct consequences of those injuries including mental and physical pain and suffering, lost wages, expenses, or other economic damages. If you or a loved one has suffered due to Medical Malpractice or Medical Mistakes, please contact us – Maryland medical malpractice lawyers to learn about your rights and legal options regarding your Medical Malpractice Claim.

Have you or someone you know suffered injured due to the negligent hands of a medical professional? Our lawyers can help! Contact our Maryland Medical Malpractice Lawyers today!

Maryland Parkinson’s Disease Lawyers

Disease Law

Most people think that Parkinson’s Disease (PD) is only a genetic disease. While it is still largely thought to be the result of inherited genes, some recent studies show a correlation between certain activities and the rise of Parkinson’s and similar disorders in people. Exposure to toxins and head trauma has been found to play a role in the onset of PD in some people. If a workplace has exposed you to some of these toxins or trauma, an experienced Maryland Parkinson’s Disease Lawsuit Lawyer can help you file a lawsuit.

Do you feel that work-related hazards have lead to or accelerated the development of Parkinson’s Disease? If so, contact our Maryland Parkinson’s Disease Lawyers today!

Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease and similar disorders such as Manganism include:

  • Tremors
  • Stiffness of the limbs
  • Impairment of motor skills
  • Mood disturbances
  • Fatigue
  • Drooling
  • Loss of balance

Scientific research suggests that PD may result from a genetic vulnerability to toxins and exposure to these toxins. These studies have found that pesticides and certain metals such as Manganese have a strong effect on the development of the disease. In areas with high levels of such materials, such as construction sites, people with a genetic predisposition to PD are particularly vulnerable.

Welders, in particular, have been known to develop symptoms consistent with PD more often than other professions. It is theorized that the inhalation of and exposure to metals such as Manganese have contributed to the condition. In addition to toxins, head trauma can cause damage to the brain which results in the acquisition of symptoms similar to Parkinson’s.

Maryland Birth Injury Attorney

Birth Injury

We represent Maryland victims of birth injuries and their families. Complications in the process of labor and delivery can result in a wide variety of problems for a newborn baby. These problems are known as birth injuries and can range from mild to severe.

One major cause is oxygen deprivation, which commonly occurs when the umbilical cord is compressed or twisted in the birth process. The other main cause is mechanical trauma, which may occur when the baby assumes an unusual position at the time of birth (buttocks rather than head first, for example) or when the baby is too large to pass through the birth canal easily. An attorney from our firm can assist you and bring your medical malpractice case to court.

Did your child suffer a birth trauma in the hands of a medical professional? If so, contact one of our Maryland Birth Injury Attorney for a Free Case Evaluation today!

Numerous birth injuries are caused by mistakes made by hospitals or doctors during delivery. A birth injury can occur if excessive force is applied in the delivery of a child or there is a delay in performing a necessary C-section delivery. A birth injury can also occur if the delivery team fails to properly anticipate the size of a child, causing a turbulent delivery.

A birth injury are most often caused by operative deliveries, whether vaginal or abdominal than spontaneous deliveries. Birth injuries have been reported to occur in 27 of 1,000 live births.

Common birth injuries include:

Birth Injury

  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Skin Irritation
  • Temporary Paralysis
  • Brain Damage
  • Erb’s Palsy
  • Fractured Collar Bone
  • Klumpke’s Palsy
  • Brachial Plexus Palsy

The most serious type of birth injury is the type that affect the brain. They are caused by oxygen deprivation or bleeding within the skull or brain. These injuries vary greatly in severity. They may lead to long-term seizure disorders or cause cerebral palsy or mental retardation. Our attorney can help you and your child receive the compensation you deserve.