Maryland Dog Bite Lawyer

Dog Bite Law

All across the nation, including Maryland, dog bites are a serious concern. German shepards, rottweilers and pitbulls are not the only breeds that can cause injury to an individual. Many different breeds can become aggressive and attack individuals for no particular reason. These attacks can result in minor or severe injuries, and in some serious attacks, death can be the end result. In Maryland, laws also protect individuals that have been injured but not necessarily bitten, such as being knocked over or jumped on.

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Dog Bite Law

Children are the most likely to suffer from a dog bite, with more than 60% of all bite victims being children. They are also more prone to serious injury due to their fragility. Senior citizens are the second most common group of individuals to be bitten, along with meter readers and postal workers. Injuries can result in severe scarring that may never be fixed, even with plastic surgery. Our lawyer can help if you or your loved one was attacked by a dog.

Statistics show that approximately 70% of dog bites occur on the property of the owner. Many owners might argue by saying the victim provoked the canine, but most of the time this isn’t so. Often, the canine was not properly contained or it was not leashed. It is also a fact that a neutered dog is less likely to bite than one that is not neutered, and it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that their pet’s shots are up to date in order to prevent the spread of disease. When an owner fails to follow proper precautions and is negligent, they may be found liable for the dog bite incident. An attorney at Goldberg, Finnegan & Mester in Maryland can help if you were attacked by canine.

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