Maryland Slip and Fall Lawyer

Slip and Fall

A slip and fall accident refers to injuries that may occur from slips, trips, or falls while on another persons property. Claims for injuries sustained in these instances fall under the realm of premises liability laws. When a Maryland resident visiting another’s property sustains an injury that resulted from a dangerous or defective condition that was allowed to exist, the owner of that property may be found liable for the damages that were caused by the accident. People involved in these types of accidents may be too embarrassed to consider a lawsuit feeling that the incident may have been their fault. If serious injuries are sustained the counsel of experienced lawyers can determine if a valid claim exists.

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Existing Defects That May Result in a Personal Injury Claim:

  • Snow or Ice Accumulation
  • Spilled Food or Drinks
  • Liquids Left From a Leak or Spill
  • Poor Lighting
  • Defective Pavements or Steps
  • Torn Carpets or Stray Electric Chords

Slip and Fall

Property owners, including home owners, business owners and landlords have an obligation to make sure that the areas of their property that may be used by visitors are kept safe. They need to protect people from dangerous conditions that may result in a slip and fall accident. People also have a duty to be careful and pay attention to where they are going, however the property owner must maintain a safe environment. Even if an accident was partly the fault of the injured party a legal claim against the property owner may still exist.

Millions of people are injured every year from slip and fall accidents and the consequences of a large percentage of those accidents have serious results. Many of these incidents could have been avoided if not for the negligence of the property owners. Once the property owner’s negligence is established damages may be awarded to recover payments for medical bills, lost earnings, pain, emotional distress and possible physical disabilities.